Thursday, March 25, 2010

FYP presentation...hmmmm...~~~

unexpectedly, today is my FINAL YEAR PROJECT PRESENTATION!!!
Ya Allah, times really running fast...pejam celik pejam celik dh kne present FYP tuh...

even thought it is only 10% bu yet still nervous nk present...mule2 tenang jeq,muka yakin je dgn slide n system yg dh siap sedia tuk dipresent tuh...lgla pas tgk chalee n nany present dgn tenang jeq..trus dpt confidence tuh...

tapi,bile dh ade kt dpn dgn diterangi spotlite yg melampau2 tuh,1st half presentation aku mcm blur...present tp dlm mode "blur"...hahhahaha...mne taknyer,ade 'peminat setia' tgk aku present smbil mkn+mnum cm tgk wyg & wt muke+gelak2 time tuh..thankz chalee heh..duuuhhh~~

but,yg frenz came to support me...a lot of thankz for fred,chalee,nany,eza,sham,alin & shida + spe2 yg x saya xperasan for supporting me dat time...

well,its over n my supervisors say dat my presentation is O.K!!!yeeeaahhh...its time to done da documentation tp mood still xde...cmne ni Cik Ain???aduuuyaaiii..~~~

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